Karla celebrates her marriage anniversary, recalling that she spent that important day in her love story between the church of San Pedro de Atacama, desert landscapes and the Hotel Terrantai: “The wedding was wonderful, our families and friends were there, we laughed, ate, danced, enjoyed ourselves, took pictures of ourselves in the mountains, we were full of dirt and exhausted. At nightfall, we said goodbye to all the guests and went to the hotel where our wedding night would be. After a few laps around the town, we arrived at the place where we were greeted with joy, they invited us to sit down to enjoy wine and cheese, as they were dressed as bride and groom, the guests who entered congratulated us and shouted “Long live the bride and groom!” We told how the celebration had been and we answered their questions, we were happy. On the way to the room we could see the church of the town and how it joined the starry sky of San Pedro de Atacama.

Upon entering we were surprised to see that everything was beautiful, so much dedication and perfection that reflected the love they had when preparing everything. We were treated with great care and the night we spent at the Terrantai Hotel will undoubtedly be etched in our hearts. It was a dream come true, we started this marriage in a way we never imagined.”