In these challenging and unprecedented circumstances, we believe in our duty of care to our guests, employees, contractors and business partners who cross our paths. Our goal is to continue to provide the exceptional services for which we are renowned, while safeguarding the health and safety of all by implementing various additional preventative and hygiene measures at the hotel.

In addition, the hotel reserves the right to apply certain restrictions in cases of guests with positive COVID results upon check-in or during their stay. It is the guest’s responsibility to immediately notify the hotel and the appropriate authorities in the event of any suspected or confirmed infection, so that the measures determined by the health authorities can be applied.

Terrantai reserves the right to apply an additional charge corresponding to 30% of each night’s room rate for special care needs arising from the contagious situation. The same is valid for any additional service that is due to the attention of a positive case. It is the guest’s right to request transfer to a sanitary residence or whatever the competent health authority establishes, and in this case, Terrantai agrees to fully reimburse the unused services, according to the corresponding policies.