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Spring in San Pedro de Atacama is magical!

Every year, in the spring and summer months, thousands of tourists from all over the world come to visit the beauties of the Atacama Desert.

Terrantai has a very strategic location in the heart of the town and is the ideal place to make your base while visiting the desert. Here is a list of activities that you can enjoy this season:

– Valley of the Moon: Explore this amazing lunar landscape with unique rock formations and intense colors at sunset.

– Star Observation: Take advantage of the clear nights for an astronomical observation experience in the starry sky of the desert.

– Puritama Hot Springs: Relax in these hot springs in the middle of the desert and enjoy a day of well-being.

– Bicycle Routes: Rent a bicycle and ride the local trails to enjoy nature and the views.

– Archaeological Tour: Explore archaeological sites and ancient ruins to learn about the history of the region.

– Flamingos in Laguna Chaxa: Observe these elegant birds in their natural habitat in Los Flamencos National Park.

– Local Villages: Visit nearby towns such as Toconao and Socaire to learn about local culture and try traditional products.

– Hiking in the Salar de Tara: Take walks in this impressive salt flat and admire the natural beauty of the region.

– Local Gastronomy: Try Chilean food in local restaurants and discover the authentic flavors of the region.

Remember that spring is a very popular season in San Pedro de Atacama, so book your activities in advance and also schedule your reservation at Terrantai and enjoy this time of year to the fullest. The beauty of the desert awaits you! 🌵🌸🌅

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