Autumn Offer!

To bid farewell to the winter, we offer discount in all our rooms


12% off from 2 to 31 of May.

Applies to all room types!
2 nights or more required 
For your special promo code:
  • Email us at
  • Send us a message from the Contact Us page
  • Give us a call +56 55 2 851045 
    Let us know how you found out about this special promotion!

Terrantai Collection

After a long day in the desert...take a break with us

We invite you to our Cheese & Wine event each evening hosted in the Terrantai Lodge.

Join us for a tasting of Chilean cheeses and wines as well as engaging conversations!

Ready to explore!

The Atacama Desert has world renowned levels of solar radiation (light and heat given off by the sun).  

Terrantai reminds you to stay hydrated, use a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and to carry a lightweight backpack on your journeys.