Terrantai Lodge is a boutique hotel located in the center of Historic San Pedro de Atacama. It gives us great pride to offer our guests a delicious buffet breakfast, the opportunity to connect with heritage of our village, as well as offering comfortable lodge in a peaceful environment. We hope during your stay you feel the richness of Atacameña hospitality.  

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: I need help with making a reservation. What do I need to do?

A: Perfect, our reservations department would be happy to help!  Send us an email at info@terrantai.com with your name, lodging dates, phone number, number of guests, & age of children, if applicable.  Or you can send us your message via the Contact Us page.  

Q: I´d like a quote for my stay. Who do I talk to?

A: No problem, Reservations can help you with that. Send us an email or a message via the Contact Us page including your name, lodging dates, number of guests & age of children, when applies, type(s) of rooms you´re interested in ex. Standard Matrimonial, Superior Matrimonial, or Superior Double - 2 Beds, and bed arrangement you need ex. 1 Matrimonial & 2 Single beds.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept? May I pay in cash?

A: We accept credit cards (Visa, American Express, Master Card, Diners International, RedCompra), bank transfers, and deposits.  However, if you´d like to pay in cash, we ask that you bring bills without any marks (No pen marks or stamps) or tears.  The banks in San Pedro are very particular about the state of the Dollar bills they will accept.

Q: I will be arriving late at night.  Will someone be able to check me in?

A: Yes, we have 24-hour reception services.  We will get you into your room comfortably upon your arrival. 



Q: Where is Terrantai located? How do I get there in my own vehicle?

A: As you enter San Pedro de Atacama coming from Calama, after crossing the bridge, the first street you will see is Domingo Atienza.  Continue on this main street called Licancabur.  Take a right onto Calama Street and cross the pedestrian walkway called Caracoles Street.  Continue until you arrive to Tocopilla Street and turn left.  

Pick up your parking lot key:  Continue on Tocopilla Street for 1 block. As you approach the next block called Gustavo Le Paige, you will see Terrantai Lodge on your right.  Stop in to pick up a key. 

Call us ahead of time and we will meet you at the guest parking lot with your key.   As you continue on Tocopilla Street, after about 100 meters or half a block, you will have arrived at Terrantai Lodge´s guest parking lot. 

Q: How can I get from the airport to Terrantai Lodge?

A: One option is to make arrangements with a transfer company or taxi service once you´ve landed at the LOA airport in Calama.  Another option is to make a reservation with a transfer company ahead of time.  You can find more information and book online at: http://www.sanpedroatacama.com/en/san-pedro-de-atacama/how-to-get-to-san-pedro-de-atacama/



Q: When I arrive, can I book tours directly with Terrantai Lodge ?

A: San Pedro has many tour agencies located within just steps of the lodge.  Furthermore, upon your arrival, our reception team would be happy to offer you suggestions and information about the types of adventures (natural and cultural) available. They have a wealth of knowledge regarding tourist attractions in the Atacama Desert.

Q: I would prefer to book my tours in advance. Can you suggest a good agency?

A: If you like, to aid in your research you can use this list of registered tour agencies on www.sanpedroatacama.com/en/tour-operators-list/



Q: Do you have a restaurant at Terrantai Lodge?

A: Terrantai Lodge is steps away from many restaurants, as we are located in the center of historic San Pedro. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:  http://www.sanpedroatacama.com/en/where-to-eat/

Q: Will I be able to have breakfast before my early morning tour?  

A: Yes, in the morning, buffet breakfast is served from 5:00 to 10:00 AM and until 10:30 AM on Sundays. However, if you need breakfast earlier, just let us know the day before and we will have the buffet ready for you at the hour you require. Prefer breakfast to go? That´s no problem, feel free to take your breakfast with you.  



National Monument in Historic Sector

On March 28, 1980 the Chilean government approved the Supreme Decree Nº2344 that declared the buildings surrounding the church in San Pedro de Atacama as a historic and conservation area called “The Historic Sector”. Consequently the Terrantai Lodge building and the area surrounding it are governed by laws mandated by the Chilean National Monuments Council due to its unique and exclusive location in this historic section of town.

Building and room size

Terrantai Lodge is a nineteenth century, historic home with original Atacameño architecture. It´s structure including the original interior spaces were preserved; materials from the area such as adobe, lake mud, and lake rocks were used. The construction of the hotel took place in 1996. The corridors and rooms were kept according to the parameters indicated by the laws mandated by National Monuments Council; therefore the rooms and bathrooms are small due to its privileged location in the Historic Sector.

Splash Pool or Small Pool

During the construction of Terrantai Lodge in 1996, the indigenous communities living in the ayllus (the original agricultural and residential areas) had no drinking water. And as an act of respect and solidarity, the administration of the time decided that the dimensions of the small pool inside the hotel would only measure 6 meters long, 3 meters wide, and 1.20 meters deep. Although the water difficulties in the indigenous ayllus have been partially resolved, the size of the pool will remain the same to remember the importance of water conservation and respect for natural resources in the Atacama Desert.


Our town is located in the middle of the Atacama Desert. It is a remote location that prevents normal WiFi function. Terrantai Lodge has a special contract with the wired and wireless company Entel, but even so, the signal transmission is sometimes intermittent. Also the more than 70 centimeter thick adobe walls of the hotel prevent efficient transmission. We suggest using WiFi in the hotel's reception area and library.